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Zilliqa Team Restarts Network After Incident

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Zilliqa Team Restarts Network After Incident

The team of developers of the Zilliqa blockchain have restarted the project’s network after it suffered a bug in its smart contracts that has resulted in the platform not being able to process blocks.

According to the statement shared by the project, the Zilliqa network stopped generating blocks last July 29. The cause of the error was the incorrect operation of one of the functions of the Scilla language, on the basis of which the project is built. The error caused the interruption of the server process on the mining nodes.

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The developers have said:

«The Scilla function depends on an external library secp256k1 (cryptographic library). The deployed version of secp256k1 resulted in a segmentation fault when one of the parameters was out of range.»

The team has released a new version of the software that uses the corrected secp256k1 build. The update has been verified on the test network: the platform correctly processes out-of-range parameters.

Источник: ru.ihodl.com

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