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UFC Champion Conor McGregor Becomes Ambassador of Trading Platform Tiger

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UFC Champion Conor McGregor Becomes Ambassador of Trading Platform Tiger
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UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor has just become an ambassador for the Tiger.Trade ecosystem, Bloomberg has reported.

McGregor has said about it:

«I’m always looking for partners and collaborators who represent the cutting-edge technology, the latest and greatest in what they do. When it comes to global finance, you need a winner’s mindset and Tiger.Trade has just that. It’s about rising to a challenge. They are real tigers, and I’m thrilled to work with them.»

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Viktor Mangazeev, founder of Tiger.Trade, has stressed it is no coincidence the platform has chosen McGregor as its ambassador:

«Conor McGregor is exactly the person we want in our corner as we strive to lift our worldwide customers to new heights. Trading, particularly on bear markets, as the global economy experiences shock waves and bouts of extreme volatility, requires dedication, passion, and courage – all the qualities of this international MMA icon.»

The company is confident the partnership will be beneficial for both parties, as Tiger.Trade plans to hold an IEO in September.

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