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Opera Crypto Browser Integrates MetaMask Wallet

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Opera Crypto Browser Integrates MetaMask Wallet

Norwegian company Opera has just added support for MetaMask and other leading crypto wallets to its Opera Crypto Browser on the eve of The Merge update on Ethereum.

According to the company, users will be able to select the wallet directly in the address bar using the Wallet Selector feature.

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The solution automates the exchange process between applications by exchanging tokens or transactions with dApps.

Opera’s CTO Tomasz Stawarz has said:

«We created the Wallet Selector based on the feedback we got from our users. It saves them a lot of pain as they no longer have to constantly go into settings or to navigate between competing wallet extensions.»

The feature is part of a browser update that the developers have called «one of the most important» in the product’s history.

Источник: ru.ihodl.com

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