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OpenSea CFO Resigns from His Position

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OpenSea CFO Resigns from His Position

Brian Roberts has just announced his resignation as CFO of NFTs marketplace OpenSea.

Roberts, who will remain with the company as a consultant, joined OpenSea in December last year.

He has previously held the position of CFO at Lyft, as well as other positions at Walmart and Microsoft. He has built OpenSea’s finance team from scratch.

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Roberts has said:

«I had the rare opportunity to build a team literally from the ground up and handpicked game changers. I remain incredibly bullish on web3 and especially OpenSea.»

It is still not known who will fill the position. He has left the position coinciding with the fall in cryptocurrency prices and the drop in trading volumes in the NFT markets.

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Over the past few months, many specialists among the leaders of crypto companies have left their positions.

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