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Helium to Migrate the Project to Solana’s Network

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Helium to Migrate the Project to Solana's Network

The Helium project community has just approved a proposal submitted in August to migrate the project to the Solana blockchain.

The proposal has reportedly received the support of 6,177 community members, who have blocked more than 12 million HNT tokens in its favor, whereas 1,270 participants have voted against it.

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According to the Helium team, the migration to Solana will allow the protocol to scale through more efficient transactions and interoperability.

The initiative assumes that HNT, MOBILE and IOT tokens will remain in the Helium ecosystem, but will be transferred to the new blockchain. When the migration is complete, the developers will release an update for Helium Wallet.

Источник: ru.ihodl.com

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