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General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs Suffer Zero-Day Bug Attack

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General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs Suffer Zero-Day Bug Attack
Pexels.com/Dan Cristian Pădureț

Bitcoin ATMs developed by General Bytes have come under the spotlight after bad actors found a way to exploit the zero-day attack.

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The developers said in an official blog post that hackers can modify settings on machines since version 20201208 to change the address where all funds should be transferred. Despite the highest level of severity, General Bytes pointed out that attackers cannot gain access to the host operation system or to the database.

The developers highly recommend businesses to upgrade bitcoin ATMs servers to the version 20220725.22.

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Exceeds 39,000

In September 2021, Kraken Security Labs, the cybersecurity department of the Kraken exchange, revealed multiple hardware and software vulnerabilities in The General Bytes BATMtwo (GBBATM2). The researchers found out that the machine was vulnerable to multiple attacks through the default administrative QR code only.

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