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CoinShares: Bitcoin Bearish Funds Record Inflow of Funds

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CoinShares: Bitcoin Bearish Funds Record Inflow of Funds

According to CoinShares analysts, between August 27 and September 2, a record inflow of funds ($17.9 million) was recorded in structures that allow opening short positions in BTC.

According to the company, the turnover of crypto-based investment products at the end of the week ($915 million) remained close to the lowest since October 2020 ($901 million).

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Fund inflows from all digital asset-based products amounted to $9.2 million.

Traditional BTC funds experienced an outflow of $11 million. For the fourth week in a row, negative dynamics were recorded, a total of $70 million during this period.

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Assets under management in products that allow building a diametrically opposed strategy reached a record $158 million.

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