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CME Group Launches Ethereum Options

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CME Group Launches Ethereum Options

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) has just launched options on Ethereum.

In particular, the company has launched a contract consisting of a future valued at 50 ETH.

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Tim McCourt, director of equities and foreign exchange products at CME Group, has said:

«As market participants anticipate the upcoming Ethereum Merge, a potentially game-changing update of one of the largest cryptocurrency networks, interest in Ether derivatives is surging. The launch of our new Ether options contracts is particularly well-timed to provide the crypto community with another important tool to gain access to and manage exposure to Ether.»

According to him, Ethereum futures trading volume has seen a 43% increase since launch.

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Robert Strebel, DRW’s head of public relations, has said:

«Options are an essential part of the trading strategy deployed by Cumberland’s institutional counterparties, whether that’s to hedge risk or gain exposure to the asset class without having it on their balance sheets.»

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