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Celer Network’s cBridge Website Confronts DNS Spoofing Attack

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Celer Network's cBridge Website Confronts DNS Spoofing Attack

cBridge, a cross-chain bridge developed by Celer Network, has faced a DNS spoofing attack on August 17, which made some users to be redirected to malicious smart contracts, the project’s developers wrote in a tweet.

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The Celer Network team advised users to check and revoke approvals, which were given to multiple cBridge’s smart contract addresses in various blockchain networks. The team assures that Celer’s main protocol and smart contracts were not affected as a result of the attack:

«Celer DNS root record was not compromised and was never modified. Similar to what recently happened to Curve finance, this attack targeted third-party DNS providers/ISPs that are out of the project’s own control domain.»

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Celer noted that DNS attacks «can happen to any DeFi app frontend» regardless of the protocol’s own security. Although the precise scale of the attack remains undisclosed, the team claims that only a «small portion of users» are affected. Celer Network said it would «fully compensate» those affected during the session of the incident.

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